we are Kakiyuki.

We hand craft kakigōri, Japanese shaved ice flavoured with real fruits and premium ingredients to bring a breeze of cool air to Malaysia (whilst making it taste nice too).

Kakiyuki’s fuwa-fuwa (ふわふわ) soft fluffy shaved ice is similar to newly fallen snow. It is only paired with the best of what’s in season. We never add anything weird like artificial colouring or flavouring, and they’re never, ever made from concentrate.

Welcome to our bizarre, delicious, frozen paradise.


Meet Our
Snow Lady, Yuki.


Did you hear about a lady made of snow?

Meet our snow lady, Yuki. No one knows exactly where she is from. The reason for Yuki’s appearance in Malaysia is obscure, some say that she longs to be a beach girl rather than a snow bunny. We have serious reasons to believe that she is fascinated by the tropical world.

Travelling on snow, she arrived in KL and fell in love instantly.

Yuki is a snow lady. As much as she enjoys the hot weather, her body can’t stand the heat. To prevent herself from melting, she eats ice.

Now, we have told you these details about Yuki. Her heart isn’t frozen over, she is warm and can feel. It is almost certain Yuki will not go back to where she came from. Show her some love whenever you see her in store. Her favourite thing to do is to enjoy her shaved ice dessert while overlooking the people on the street.

Let Yuki soothe you with her refreshing kakigōri with fruits, nuts and some creamy toppings.



Where is KAKIYUKI from?
We are from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can read more about us here
Is KAKIYUKI Halal-certified?
We are pork-free, lard-free and alcohol-free. We are currently in the process of acquiring Halal certification. Do stay tuned for more updates!
Where is KAKIYUKI located?
We are located in the Klang Valley, Penang, San Francisco and soon Johor Bahru. For more information on our locations, visit https://kakiyuki.com/locations.
What are your opening hours?
Not all KAKIYUKI’s outlets have the same operating hours. Please view the opening hours for each outlet here.
Where do I go for enquiries and feedback?
You may get in touch with us here and we’ll reply to you as soon as we can!
Where can I see the menu?
You may view our menu here.
Do you cover events & catering?
Yes, we do! You may visit here for more information.
Are you currently hiring?
We are always on the lookout for team members. You may email your CV to us at [email protected].